Earthworks Unlimited Inc.
can do it all
from ground level on down.

Our home is in Cleveland, Tennessee
Building Site Preparation
Drainage Solutions
Parking Lots
Sewer/Septic Systems
Multi-Structural Lots
Sand Filters
Landscaping preparation
Surface Irrigation
Material handling (stone, fill, etc...)
Drip Irrigation
Service for Contractors
Leaching Chambers
Grading for Plumbing
New Lot Clearing
Boat Ramp Removal
Rough Terrain Lots
Waterfront Property
Storm Cleanup/Repair
Driveway Construction

        We have river bottom top soil for sale.

Earthworks Unlimited Inc is perhaps the best-equipped excavation company in a five state area to handle the special needs of folks needing our services. Our advanced equipment and experienced team are capable of handling projects from small to corporate.

Earthworks Unlimited Inc can offer all of these services because: 1. We have the most advanced excavation machinery in the area; and 2. We have an experienced, trained team of professional craftsmen ready, willing and able to complete any project in a timely and safe manner.


Earthworks Unlimited Inc have helped banks, restaurants, major contractors, home owners, property managers and many more.

Earthworks Unlimited Inc can save you time and money by getting even the most difficult job done right the first time.

Earthworks Unlimited Inc was founded in 1995. Commitment to our customers and pride in doing the best job possible have built Earthworks into a recognized leader in the industry. The fact is we provide exceptional services in a tough business with challenging problems everyday. We have the experience, the equipment, and the people to back our guarantees.

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